FTBT (For Teachers, By Teachers)

It helps to know we are not alone in our work. Here are a few helpful resources created for ELA teachers, by ELA teachers. (The views expressed are those of the individuals cited.)

 Sarah Swenson, a 2010 Delta corps member, taught middle school ELA in Mississippi. She is currently serving as a lab classroom teacher at the 2012 Delta Institute. {blog, videos, planning materials}

Chloe Kannan, Delta 2010, taught middle school ELA in Mississippi. The Delta’s first-ever national Sue Lehmann Award winner, she is now studying to become a school leader. {reading-focused videos & planning materials}

William Henley,  Delta 2010, taught high school ELA in Mississippi and was a regional finalist for the 2012 Sue Lehmann Award. He now teaches English in Indonesia via a Fulbright grant. {writing-focused videos & planning materials}

Donalyn Miller, an ELA teacher in Texas, advocates for independent reading. {blog}

Caroline Lampinen, Delta 2010 and a current dELtA Learning Team Leader, teaches 6th grade writing in Arkansas. She is currently working as a CMA at the 2012 Delta Institute and will enter her third year of teaching this fall. {blog}

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