Not enough books in classroom library yet?? NO PROBLEM! (Here are some solutions!)

PROBLEM:  You want to roll out your independent reading goals to your students for the year (example:  We will all read 20 books this year & grow 2 reading levels!), buuuuuut you don’t yet have access to enough books for all of your students to have independent reading books.  Boooo!

SOLUTION #1:  Consider devising a magazine article check-out-system in your classroom & print off tons of AMAZING articles from the following sites so your students still have choice about what they read independently AND they can go ahead and start reading independently even without full access to tons of books!  You could even spin a deal with your students wherein ~6 magazine articles = 1 book.  Yeah!  Thanks to Shane Cronin (ELA, Jackson, ’12) for talking over this solution with me so I can share it with you!

1.  12 Ways to Use the FREE New York Times Student-Friendly Learning Network texts.  Bookmark now!
2.  Teenink!  Bookmark now!  This is a FREE website full of poetry, short stories, and editorials written by teenagers!  Your students can read text that you print out for them now and then get published on the site later this year!
3.  Time For Kids!  Free non-fiction articles written for grades 4-8!
4.  NPR– my personal fav.  Also good for finding short interviews to augment a text that you’re reading in class!


SOLUTION #2:  Never stop working on getting more books for your classroom library!!!  Here are some new (and old) ideas for getting books:

  • Get 25 FREE NEW BOOKS from the publisher of the Blueford Series!!!  AHH!  All you have to do is write a short little letter & get your principal to verify it!  Thanks to Ashley Lamica (ELA, Greenwood, ’12) for flagging this for us!
  • Find out where the closest Goodwill is located- most books are only 25 cents!
  • Utilize all the resources for gathering books on the campaign site!

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