BMC not working during Independent Reading time?

BMC is harder to do when everyone is supposed to be totally silent, right? 
Imagine a silent class where everyone is reading, but then the beautiful silence gets interrupted by the teacher hollering, “I see Tavarea reading!  I see Courtney reading!”
Students certainly still need to be positively reinforced during IR-time– likely they need more positive reinforcement here than during other points of class.  However, teachers need to be a bit more innovative to devise silent, sneaky ways to do this positive narration.
Consider these examples of IR behavior management:
  • Write the names of students who are following your expectations on the board
  • Put a 1-10 point system at the top of student handouts
  • Use a timer and reward the entire class after 5 minute intervals (then increase the internals over time until Ss don’t need them anymore!)
  • Print a stamp sheets with all of the expected behaviors and stamp student sheets as you see the behavior
  • Give tickets to exemplar students
  • Write silent shout outs (make sure your Ss know you’re doing this), and then shout them all out at the end of IR time
  • Tap twice on desks to let students know that you “SEE THEM” reading beautifully
Here’s a whole powerpoint about independent reading investment & classroom management, too!

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