Common Core PARCC Update: Sample Assessment Items Released! (Optional Pro Sat Discussion)

The Common Core Implementation Consortium that both Mississippi & Arkansas have opted into has published its first Protocol Sample Assessment Items!
  • You can view the sample items for 3rd, 6th, 7th, & 10th grades by clicking on the left-hand side bar, under Samples: ELA/Literacy here:  Feel free to share this newly published (as of TODAY) information with literacy coaches and administrators in your school.
  • Also, strongly consider signing up to give feedback on these Protocol Sample Assessment Items & other Common Core plans by filling out this PARCC survey.
  • Finally, we’re having an optional dELtA discussion of the newly released Sample Assessment Items immediately following Pro Sat in the North & the South.  If you’re interested in looking at and talking about this new development with Common Core with other ELA teachers, just stay in the Learning Team room following LT time.  Kate Eisenpress has volunteered to start the discussion in the South & Sarah Franzen will start the discussion in the North.

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