IR: Accountability vs. LOVE

*Here’s Austin Morris (Delta, ’11) independently reading with his ENG II students for the first 8 minutes of class.

As week 3 in Mississip and week 1 in Ark comes to a end, I’m already hearing students and teachers talking about the age-old balance of LOVE OF READING v. ACCOUNTABILITY.  If you’ve found yourself thinking, “I want my students to love to read for IR, so I’m worried about being too structured with my IR requirements, but I also want to make sure that my students are reading & thinking every night…” this solution might help you!

There is actually NO ONE WAY to find this balance with your own students.  In fact, what works at the beginning of the year to foster love of reading + accountability might no longer work in January if your students are wildly invested in IR and find writing in response to their IR book every night burdensome or inauthentic to who they are as readers.  (I know, I’m a big hippie about students as independent readers…)

If you haven’t yet found your own personal love/accountability balance yet, consider this solution.  

Independent Reading Response Rubric + Prompts Solution

Thanks to Sarah Swenson (Delta, ’10), Shannon Wenck (Delta staff), & Alex Estes (Delta, ’09) for contributing your brains & experiences with students to help me create this solution!

If you have a solution that works better for your students to balance the love with accountability, please send it to so we can publish it to others!


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