November ELA Pro Sat: Pre-Work

Happy November Pro Sat!

NEW:  Learning Team Pre-Work for Every ELA teacher (5th grade- 12th grade ELA, North & South)

  • Problem-Solving Groups
    • Come prepared to reflect on the most important gaps in your class.
    • We’re having free-choice problem-solving this month!  This means that you can choose whichever whole-class or subgroup-of-students-problem that you want to talk about with your problem-solving group!
    • We’ll be working with the same groups from October & September.
    • If you were absent both these months, please email Sarah Franzen to figure out what you need to do to get into a group for November.
  • Reading/ Writing Clubs
    • READ the text that your group decided upon in October.  Or…
    • WRITE about the topic your group decided upon in October.
    • Come to Pro Sat prepared to discuss & share.  All the text-choices for the different groups are posted here.  Use the tabs at the bottom to navigate to SOUTH and NORTH Reading & Writing Clubs.

NEW:  Intro to ELA:  Pedagogy & Student-Ownership Pre-Work (ONLY for teachers taking this course)

  • Reflect on your class culture.
    • How do you ensure your students feel safe enough to contribute positively to your class?
    • To what extent are students developing positive communication habits?   What’s working?  What’s not working?  Why?
  • Bring reflections to the course, and we’ll be discussing more culture-building solutions this month.

NEW:  Creative Writing & Research Writing (ONLY for teachers taking this course)

  • READ chapter two of Kelley Gallagher’s Write Like This, Writing to Inquire & Explore & (South-only) the resource that Caroline sent out.  (Approx. 40 minutes)
  • CONSIDER and BE PREPARED TO DISCUSS the following:
    •  Which research writing products from this chapter do you think would be great for your students to write?  Why?
    • Which research writing products from this chapter are you not as crazy about?  Why?
    • What do you think about Gallagher’s planning & executing approaches within this chapter?  What makes you excited?  What makes you nervous/ skeptical?
  • BRING student writing samples from the creative writing lesson that you committed to last month.

NEW:  Leading Student-Centered, Text-Based Discussions (ONLY for teachers taking this course)

  • NORTH:  READ Part 3 of The Teacher’s Guide to Leading Student-Centered Discussions (Approx. 40 minutes)
    • BE PREPARED TO DISCUSS the text.
    • EVALUATE the student-discussion changes you were able to accomplish between October & November Pro Sats.  Be prepared to discuss.
  • SOUTH:  See Brianne’s guidance that she sent the weekend prior to Pro Sat!

Novels & Lengthier Text Planning & Teaching (ONLY for teachers taking this course)

  •  Check the guidance coming directly from Andy Donnelly.

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