Build & Organize Your Classroom Library So EVERY SINGLE STUDENT Finds Books She/He Loves

 orangebooks1st:  Build Your Library

Next:  Organize Your Library

  • Honestly, Booksource’s Classroom Organizer is really the best out there in terms of free, online, library cataloging.  Do it.
  • Once you have books for your library, organize them by GENRE or THEME or AUTHOR or SERIES.
    • This way, once students find books that they like, they can easily find more books that they like.
    • Consider making these genre-groups more kid-friendly with more expansive groupings like…
      • Books about Boys (realistic fiction)
      • Books about Girls (realistic fiction)
      • Books about Vampires & Werewolves (fantasy)
      • Books about Alternative Worlds & Futures (fantasy and dystopia)
      • Poetry
      • Autobiographies and Biographies
      • Historical Fiction
      • Books by Walter Dean Myers (realistic fiction author)
      • The Bluford Series
      • The Series of Unfortunate Events
      • Books by Sharon Flake

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