Public Tracking IR Book Recommendations + All Resources from TRACKING & SHARING FEEDBACK WORKSHOP PUBLISHED

Orsini_Public Book Recommendations

Thanks to Anna Orsini and Jenna Harris (ELA, ’12, West Tallahatchie) for sharing their IR public tracking with all of us!  Jenna and Anna’s students write recommendations with the attached recommendation slips and then they post their recommendations along the hallway for students to read during passing periods.  Print and hype them for your own Ss!


Students also keep up with their IR-progress with a class tracker.  Anna and Jenna value their students having free choice and also trying new types of books, so they track how many different genres their students read with this whole-class-wall-tracker that they made out of cheap tracker posters like these that you can order online!

Even if you couldn’t make it to ELA Workshop #1:  Tracking & Sharing Progress with Students & Families, you can still use all of the resources from the workshop!

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