Our vision: Delta students will leverage reading, writing and speaking to demonstrate the depth of their thoughts and to build toward lives rich with options and happiness. Students will own their learning by taking responsibility for the majority of the reading, writing, thinking, and speaking during class time — and by problem-solving about their own progress throughout the year.

We believe in the importance of clarity — having a concrete vision of where our students need to be and how we will work with them to get there. This means we are constantly consulting exemplars, rubrics and classroom footage in our planning, assessment and investment. It means we partner with students, families, and fellow educators to learn what matters most. It means we ask questions and research bright spots when we feel ourselves lowering the bar. It means we take care to ensure students’ understanding of their progress as readers, writers, thinkers, and speakers — because they, not we, will own their education and their fate.

We, too, are readers, writers, thinkers, and speakers.

We are a community.

We are dELtA.

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