2013 ELA Kick Off

keep-calm-and-read-and-writeDay 1- Thursday, July 18

“What are our ELA short-term & long-term visions? What are the pathways to opportunity in ELA & what habits must Ss build to achieve opportunities?”

  1.  Opportunities Fair:  Session & Opportunities Resources
  2. ELA Vision Session:  Session, Vision Artifacts, Vision Template
  3. IR Gift.
  4. State Test Resources:  Sample SATP & MCT2, Session, Reflection Template, Example Planning that is Aligned to State-Test

Day 2- Friday, July 19

“How do we unit-plan, culture-plan, & plan for 1st-days in ways that get us closer to our big goals and visions?”

  1. Unit and Long Term Planning Session
  2. Creating a Daily Schedule that Aligns to Your Vision Session:  Handouts & Sample Schedules
  3. Culture, First Days, & Management Session
  4. Text Talks:  Guidance

Day 3- Saturday, July 20

“How do we leverage the changing expectations of Common Core & sharing feedback to achieve our ELA-visions?”

  1. Reading Level
  2. Common Core Standards v. Mississippi Standards & PARCC Assessment v. MCT2/SATP
  3. Pacing Guide Prezi
  4. Case Study
  5. Action-Planning for End-of-July

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