Measuring Our Progress

These are our quantitative measures, to gauge and respond to our students’ qualitative progress.

Reading growth:

  • End-of-year growth goal: 1.9 grade levels (“years”) of growth
  • Measure: Gates-MacGinitie, or another reading growth assessment valued by your school (STAR, Reading A-Z, etc.)
  • Note: In secondary classrooms with many students, it’s tough to assess and respond to reading growth more frequently than three times per year. Therefore, it is imperative to set more frequent “proxy” goals (each unit, month, or 9 weeks) to gauge independent reading progress, foster investment, and build positive relationships and a culture of reading. These progressive goals might evaluate the number (total or average) of books, pages or hours read — per class, grade level, student, or even “team” within a class. What will be most investing for your students?

Writing in response to literature:

  • End-of-year absolute goal: an average of 3 on a scale of 4 points
  • Measure: TFA’s one-row, 4-point response-to-literature writing rubric
  • Note: The response-to-literature writing rubric focuses on the focus, strength, support, and organization of one’s ideas because the mission of writing in response to literature is to hone one’s critical thinking skills. To this end, grammar and punctuation are not emphasized on this rubric. (For more information, please see second writing goal below.)

Argumentative and informative writing in response to texts or research:

  • End-of-year absolute goal: an average of 3 on a scale of 4 points
  • Measure: TFA’s multi-row, 4-point argumentative writing rubric, or another writing rubric valued by your school
  • Note: This writing rubric incorporates grammar and punctuation as well as ideas and organization

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