ACT: Measuring Reading Growth

ACTWhat is the ACT?  Why should students care?

The ACT is the test that students in Mississippi take in order to apply to college.  It consists of reading, English, math, and science sections.  So, 1/2 of a student’s score comes from ELA.  This test is a clear gate that opens up and closes doors to college for our students.

Our research tells us that it is feasible and ambitious for students to grow 4 points, on average, in one year.

We’re recommending that teachers of 9th- 12th consider using the ACT to measure reading progress.  If your school prefers another reading measure or if all of your students get ACT-prep through another avenue, then you should stick with the reading measure that your school recommends so that your students aren’t over-tested.  Consult Sarah Franzen or your TLD-Coach for more guidance.

How do I administer the ACT?  How do I track and share progress with students?
  • All the testing guidelines are uploaded for the English portion and the Reading portion.  Note that this is a timed test, and scores are only valid if you strictly follow the time-constraints.
  • We have an ACT growth tracker that helps you keep up with which students are growing and which students need to grow the most.
  • We have a beautiful conversion chart for you to help your students make reading grade level equivalency meaning out of their ACT score.  Click here to see approximately what reading-level students are on if they are scoring a 13 versus a 17 on the Reading portion of the ACT.
Access and ask questions about all the resources below.  Franzen or your MTLD can answer questions for you.

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